Göran Sveningzon (signature GSZON) is a visual artist, graphic artist and music creator. Born 1964 in Källeryd parish, Gnosjö, Sweden.

In brief
His early production of cartoons and fantasy led to a first gallery exhibition in his hometown 1983 at the age of 19. The following year he was admitted to a preparatory art school and moved to Gothenburg. After two years of education, he continued his studies in art at the University of Gothenburg.

The initial academic years came to influence his imagery profoundly. Inspired by art theory and the informal concept of abstraction, he continued to explore a personal and independent interest in painting.

His imagery of specific imprint-like stains and color fields became a foundation in his abstraction later in the 90s and has run like a common thread through his work.

"Stains" 1999

Statement in booklet form, printed 1999

2000's and 'Lyrical Fields'
In 2012, he ended a long time as a graphic artist and began working part-time on his own. A choice that also freed up time for renewed art studies that moved him closer to painting again.

He obtained a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in 2020. Earlier in the spring of the same year, he conducted something of a retrospective exhibition of works under the name Lyrical Fields, unfortunately somewhat abbreviated due to the growing corona pandemic.

 LATERNA  Mixed media on canvas, 2019.

 DREAMWALKER  Oil on canvas, 1989.

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Art and Music

His long relationship with music took a quite unexpected turn in 2016 when he began exploring the creative possibilities of composing via digital audio workstations.

He created the concept "Lyrotron" in 2017 as a platform for his interaction with music. It has become a constructive counterweight to his painting and is today also established on regular music streaming services.

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