Göran Sveningzon

Göran Sveningzon is a contemporary artist born in 1964 in Källeryd Parish, Sweden.

Göran Sveningzon's abstract painting is characterized by direct, sign-like shapes, applied to a processed background. The contrast between ”sudden” and processed becomes part of the dynamics of his images.

During his basic art education in the 1980s, he had already begun an abstract approach and completed his first exhibition. His interest in aesthetic issues further led to art studies at the university and a subsequent trip through Europe, among other things to study the Byzantine decorations of Ravenna. The colour combinations from the preserved mosaics became an experience that made a profound impact on his painting and the public assignments he performed later in the 90s.

He started working full-time in a graphic department 1994 and remained in the profession until 2012. The years of typography and printing techniques came in parallel to further shape his art, both as a counterweight and influence. During 2012, he resumed his university studies and began working on his abstract series Lyrical Fields, which defined several of his subsequent exhibitions.

In 2017, he initiated his work with music and digital audio production. The Lyrotron project grew into an alternative art pop and was distributed on digital music streaming services a year later.

After his bachelor's degree, creative work has increasingly developed in the interplay  between idea production and craftsmanship, regardless of medium. Since 2020, he use the designation GSZON as signature.

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