Göran Sveningzon

Göran Sveningzon is a contemporary artist born in 1964 in Källeryd Parish, Sweden.

Göran Sveningzon's abstract paintings is characterized by a direct, character-like expression, often applied to a translucent background mass.

During his basic art education in the 1980s, he had already begun an abstract approach and completed his first exhibitions. His theoretical interest of images led to studies at the University of Gothenburg. Subjects in theory and history inspired a subsequent journey through Europe in 1988. He visited Ravenna, among other places, to study Byzantine art on site. The colors of the mosaics particularly influenced his continued painting, reflected in the public assignments he performed in the 1990s.

He started working as a full-time graphic designer in 1994 and remained in the profession until 2012. The years with print layout and typography contributed in parallel to a continued development of his abstract imagery. During 2012, he resumed his university studies. A few years later he began working on his abstract series Lyrical Fields, which became the theme for several of his art exhibitions.

He also started working with digital music in 2017. Under the project name Lyrotron, the work grew into an alternative art pop that was distributed the following year as a music concept on digital music streaming services.

After his Bachelor of Arts degree, work with music, images and other media has increasingly come to be based on the synergies between idea production and craftsmanship, with painting as the main driving force. Since 2020, he uses the signature GSZON.

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