Göran Sveningzon is a visual artist, born 1964 in Hagelstorp, Sweden. His early paintings with a mix of fantasy, fairy tail and cartoons led to an initial gallery exhibition at the age of 19. The year later he was admitted to preparatory art school in Gothenburg. After two years he continued theoretical art studies at the university.

Most of his painting from late 80's onwards reflects an interest in the informal art and influences from Lyrical Abstraction and Tachism. His work during the mid 90's as a graphic artist also contributed with expressions close to pictograms, signs and calligraphy. He summarized his imprint-like imagery through a brief manifesto in 1999.

With continued interest in aesthetic subjects, he renewed his university education in 2012 and received a degree in Art History and Visual Studies.

Regardless of his changing relationship with art, exhibitions and assignments over the years, his imagery has maintained the interplay between intuition, abstraction and materiality.

Another almost lifelong interest remains in the music. Through the opportunities with DAWs, he began work in 2017 with composing under the project name 'Lyrotron', which grew into an independent concept and today is available on the most common digital music platforms.